Finding things to do in Bogota, Colombia is not hard, even if you’re on a budget. It’s really not surprising, considering Bogota is the fifth largest city in the Americas (only Sao Paulo, New York, Mexico City, and Lima surpass Bogota in population.) Not only that, but Bogota is ranked as one of the most international cities in the world, so you will be sure to feel at home as an international traveler. Here are 5 free and interesting things to do in Bogota.

1. Downtown Walking Tour

Bogota rewards those who decide to use their legs to get around the city. Walking through the city’s downtown is sure to be the one experience you won’t forget – and it doesn’t cost you a single cent! The La Candelaria neighborhood is a favorite for walking tours, as it is close to many of the city’s main attractions.

2. Festivals at Avenida Septima

The street Avenida Septima completely shuts down on Friday and Saturday night and becomes a huge outdoor festival, with street performers, music, markets and the like. A great experience for anyone who enjoys festive atmosphere, come see how Colombians have fun!

3. Museo Nacional

Colombia’s national museum, Museo Nacional offers free admission on Sundays and is home to many of the region’s famous works of art and historical artifacts. One of the many educational things to do in Bogota, the Museo Nacional is a history buff’s dream. The museum has three full stories of works and artifacts.

4. Creative Street Performances

Bogota is home to many creative folk, some of whom earn money by conducting interesting street performances. Many such as the famous hamster races, in which an onlooker bets money on which plastic enclosure a hamster will enter, require you to shell out a few pesos for participation. However, looking’s always free! These displays, as well as performances by storytellers, often take place outside the chapel at the Plaza de Chorro.

5.Most popular park in Bogota

Bogota is home to many parks, the most popular being Simon Bolivar. This park generally has some interesting things to offer, such as free concerts and a yearly music festival dedicated to Latin rock music. No matter what is happening on a given day, you are sure to see some interesting people wandering through this grassy expanse.

Bogota is a city whose sheer size makes it next to impossible not to find something to do, even for free. Just walking around is one of the most exciting things to do in Bogota, Colombia, as you never know what you will see on any given day.