One of Europe’s smallest nations, Luxembourg is not always the most popular destination for tourists visiting Europe. Luxembourg city is awash with stunning architecture, beautiful parks, restaurants and café’s. To top it off, Luxembourg is incredibly attractive. Tourists will find plenty of exciting fun and free things to do in Luxembourg.

Discover Luxembourg Old Town

Steeped in history, Luxembourg’s old town could be compared to a picture postcard. Tourists should take the opportunity explore fortifications, sprawling streets and busy squares throughout Luxemburg’s old town. Those walking around Old Town should remember to take a camera as Old Town is guaranteed to provide plenty of shots for a Luxembourg photo album.

Visit the beauty of Luxembourg’s Ardennes

Luxembourg’s area for peace, tranquillity and sports, the Ardennes is an idyllic spot for tourists who are looking for a quiet break from Luxembourg’s busy. The Ardennes offers hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, and lots more for the outdoor types. Although if you want to just relax and take things easy, the Ardennes are perfect for family picnics or walks.

See the Place de la Constitution

Luxembourg’s Place de la Constitution is one of Luxembourg’s most interesting attractions. Giving a wonderful view of the Petrusse Valley and the Adolphe Bridge. The Place de la Constitution features a monument dedicated to those who have died War. Torn down by the Nazis in 1940, the monument was reinstated in 1984 and now also symbolises freedom and resistance.

Enjoy Luxembourg’s Festivals and Street Carnivals

Exciting and lively, there always seems to be something going on in Luxembourg City. From live music of almost every genre, as well as various street festivals and carnivals, Luxembourg is diverse in its entertainment. All the better for it, visiting the festivals and carnivals is one of the best things to do in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg’s American War Cemetery

Situated just outside Luxembourg lies the American War Cemetery. Extending over 50 acres, the cemetery holds over 5000 American service men and women who died fighting in battles in WWII. The memorial also holds the grave of General George S. Patton JR, the highly esteemed US general. During opening times staff are on hand any questions and escort visitors to buried relatives.

Luxembourg is a city of festivals, stunning architecture and spaces tranquillity and sport. A diverse and cultured city, tourists should keep an eye out for Luxembourg’s national dish ‘Judd Mat Gaardebounen’ and their fantastic selection of local wines. The things to do in Luxembourg are almost endless and will soon become a European favourite among many tourists.