With the various fun and free things to do in Wellington, New Zealand, it’s no surprise how it has become a popular place for couples and families to go to. A beautiful city with lots of fun and exciting tourist spots, visitors wouldn’t have to spend big in order to enjoy this beautiful area. There are actually lots of places in Wellington that can be enjoyed without having to spend a single dime. For those who are currently planning a trip to Wellington, following are some places to go without having to spend cash.

Writer’s Walk

For the reader in all of us, the Writer’s Walk presents an interesting timeline on some of the most famous writers today. The walk is basically a leisurely stroll along the waterfront where sculptural quotations from different novelists, poets, writers and playwrights are on display. Individuals can get a free map of the walk, allowing them to find exactly what they are looking for along the stretch.

Botanic Gardens

The Wellington Botanic Gardens contains some of the most exotic and oldest trees to be found in New Zealand. Kids will definitely enjoy the sites and the playground specially designed for a family field trip. There are even glow worms meant to capture the attention of younger children. The Botanical Garden also boasts a peace flame made from the atomic bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima.

Movie Night

Wellington also houses the Film Archive which is responsible for collecting image and movie classics of New Zealand. There are even documentaries, commercials and a wide array of film art to keep the whole family interested. Individuals can watch the films for free and can also enjoy the changing exhibitions which are open daily.

Beehive or Parliament Building

Individuals can join a guided tour to the Parliament Building which leaves at every hour for free. Visitors will get an idea of the nation’s standing and the important matters being discussed within its walls. Stories have it that the Beehive was actually designed at the back of a cigarette pack as a joke, but is one of the most remarkable and strongest buildings today.

Weta Cave

Lord of the Rings fans, Wellington is definitely the place to be! Take a tour inside the Weta Cave, a vast memorabilia of the LOTR movie and various other works of Peter Jackson.

Individuals will find that this city boasts of some of the best tourist spots in the country. Thriving with an extensive market, tourists will not only enjoy the area but can also take home a little piece of their Wellington vacation. Of course, those aren’t the only fun and free things to do in Wellington, so why don’t you explore the city and find more?